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Victor Sizer has  always enjoyed being involved in all kinds of residential property business from extravagant luxury developments to humble family homes. From '1 up, 1 down', terraced houses, cottages, lodges, to newly-built homes, mansions and sky-high penthouses; from garden sheds, old mills, derelict buildings, to church towers, old rectories, manors, Floridian & Portuguese penthouses, Victor Sizer has almost 40 years of experience within the property business. Victor enjoys challenges to make the very best of any type of property, regardless of it's condition. He enjoys preserving traditional quality features in all kinds of homes, having refurbished, renovated, extended, developed, a wide variety of over 300 residential properties into beautiful homes since 1980.
Victor enjoys meeting and getting to know tenants from 37 different countries and has provided many interesting and happy experiences in Cambridge and Manchester in 11,300 Shorthold and Assured Shorthold tenancies since 1980.
One of Victor Sizer's notable achievements in that in 2004  he successfully exhibited his 6 companies' managed properties & developments at the London Investment Property Exhibition.

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